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Saving the planet for future generations to enjoy?  That’s cool.  Saving your eyes and preventing migraine headaches?  That’s cooler. And now, with LED lighting more affordable than ever, outfitting your entire home or business  will no longer break the bank.  Here are 5 LED products to consider:

LED T-8 dual mode replacement lamps

The T-8 fluorescent bulb is the most common type of bulb found in office and kitchen lighting fixtures.  Everyday, people across the country are forced to suffer the torment of these bulbs for hours at a time.  Fluorescents are known to emit a very fast flicker that bothers many with sensitive eyes.  It’s no secret that fluorescents cause a bevy of health related issues,including: migraines; headaches; eye strain; fatigue; stress;and anxiety.

By contrast, the smooth and constant light emitted by LEDs eliminates many health issues.  However, LEDs can also come with certain drawbacks.  Many super-low cost LED replacement T-8 lamps on the market either allow you to continue to use the ballast already installed in these fixtures or require you to eliminate it altogether.

But what if the ballast fails, or you don’t have the electrical skills to replace it?  Must you now spend even more money?  Not with these new dual mode lamps by EiKO, which allow you to simply install the bulb, ballast or not.  And, if the ballast fails, rather than going out to buy new bulbs you can simply omit the ballast entirely.  With a 50,000 hour lifespan, and a 5 year warranty, the dual mode lamp will save you 80% on your energy bill.

Fully dimmable LED filament style candelabra lamp

This fancy looking bulb by EiKO is your standard 40 watt incandescent replacement candelabra bulb.  It is well-suited for decorative fixtures with exposed bulbs, and is perfect for those who are interested in converting to LED but feel  wary about a clunky looking bulb.  Best of all, the bulb is fully dimmable,making it perfect for those in search of lighting to set a mood.

Decorative LED outdoor lighting fixtures

This decorative LED outdoor wall lantern uses 70% less electricity than traditional incandescent fixtures, and there is no bulb to replace or recycle. The LED light source turns on instantly at any temperature and lasts 50,000 hours without replacement, making it the most reliable outdoor lighting available. These fixtures are built with a beautiful and protective cast aluminum aged bronze patina finish that’ll look great for years to come.  Best of all, the entire assembly can be installed in minutes with minimal electrical skills.

Under cabinet LED lights

Older LED puck and strip lighting leave pixilation on counter surfaces.  When illuminating decorative counter tops from above or in applications lighting merchandise or decorative collectibles, this result is less than desirable.  This under cabinet light by Cree eliminates LED pixilation with a uniform light, even on glossy counter tops.  These fixtures are fully dimmable to set any mood while maintaining an unobtrusive, low profile design, and are perfect for many installations.  E-Conolight offers a great Under cabinet light.

Outdoor LED spot light and LED security lights

This wall-mounted, outdoor LED floodlight from Lithonia Lighting provides security lighting for both residential and commercial applications.  At 18 watts, this floodlight can illuminate a high-risk area all night long. In addition, a photocell is included to maximize energy efficiency, automatically turning the light off at dawn and back on at dusk. The integrated LEDs last for 50,000 hours, so you never have to buy a bulb for the light.  Installs in minutes with minimal electrical skills.

How Much Can you Save Switching to LED?


Here is a handy calculator to help you determine the return on investment of converting to LED in your home or business.